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We want to be a reliable contact to our tenants - at our premises as well as on the spot at our rented properties. We focus on our tenants' needs while solving problems quickly and pragmatically - whether it is a dripping tap or a lift that is out of order. We repair damages, remedy deficiencies and listen to your worries. Apart from that, we highly appreciate your suggestions and advice because it helps us to grow even better in what we do.

Our service


We look forward to your visit at our premises during our opening times. Or perhaps you would prefer to arrange an appointment with us? We make you feel welcome and provide competent advice.

24h emergency service

24h emergency service

In the case of damage, you can reach the 24h emergency service of our property management under 0160 90615785 or contact our facility management service, the phone number of which you will find at the information board in the hallway/stairway of your residence.

Repair service

Repair service

Faults and damages are remedied for you within only a few days of their detection.

Suggestion box

Suggestion box

Worries, suggestions, advice? We are happy about your getting in touch with us and take your opinion seriously. Do not hesitate to contact us at, subject: "Kummerbox" (suggestion box).

Special offer

Special offer

As a special service, we offer you our voucher for our Immo & Grund facility management and repair services. Download your voucher here:

Repair service voucher for download


Cable TV is usually not included in the rent. Tenants have to take out seperate contracts with the providers. There might be exceptional, individual lease agreements.

The availability of high-speed internet varies from one rental property to the next. For detailed information, please contact the company or property management on site.

As long as you are in a rental agreement with us, your deposit is managed as prescribed by law and kept in a separate account where it remains up to the expiry/termination of the rental agreement.

Keeping a dog or cat is subject to approval in any case. Please contact your property manager on this matter, since the lease does not contain an additional clause relating to pet keeping.

In the case of damage, please contact the following telephone number: 0160-90615785. You can usually find the contact data on the information board in your hall.

You usually have various parking possibilities at our apartment buildings. There are parking spaces either on the plot or underground. For detailed information about the situation at your rental property, please contact your property management.

Most of our rental properties provide a bicycle area in the basement. There might also be bicycle racks in the backyard. These areas are the most suitable places for leaving bicycles and baby carriages because escape routes are not restricted this way. For detailed information about the situation at your rental property, please contact your property management.

For reporting defects or damage, please contact your property management or our head office directly: Click here to get to the Opens internal link in current windowcontact form. In case of an emergency at night or at the weekend, please contact our emergency-number: 0160-90615785.

The facility management service is usually responsible for cleaning and maintaining the property. There might be exceptions for certain leases. 

The facility management service is usually responsible for clearing the snow and gritting. For certain properties, there is an external winter service provider. There might be exceptions for certain leases.

Installing a satellite dish on the street frontage is prohibited in any case.

On the back of the building, a satellite dish may only be installed with special permission.

In the case of frequent disturbance due to noise, please contact your property management. The most effective way of doing so is by noise level protocol. In such cases, tenants can be warned by management. In the case of severe noise nuisance at night, please call the police.

If the rental object shows significant defects, the tenant is entitled to rent reduction. In this respect, it is necessary that the tenant notifies the landlord about the defect as early as possible. The tenant must give the landlord a reasonable period of time for eliminating the defects and grant access for the execution of the respective tradework. If the landlord does not oblige to this deadline, the tenant may implement the announced rent reduction, which must, however, be in adequate relation to the reason for reduction, i.e. the defect.

Placing and disposing of bulky waste on the waste storage location of the apartment building is principally prohibited since the disposal company does not remove any bulky waste.

In such case, the landlord will dispose of the respective waste with the originators having to bear the cost. Thus, please dispose of your bulky waste at the collection points of the municipal waste disposal company. Please note: There are seperate submission dates for hazardous waste.

The house rules are generally part of the lease. They are accessible at the management's office as well.

Operating costs are costs that incur on an ongoing basis due to the usage of buildings and their related facilities. These are costs e.g. for water supply, heating, maintenance of elevators, refuse collection or housecleaning. The lease specifies that the tenant must reimburse the landlord for the operating costs. For this purpose, Section 556 Sentence 2 Clause 1 of the BGB (German Civil Code) provides for the possibility to either agree on advances with later billing or on an adequate fee that covers the operating costs in total.

§ 1 Betriebskostenverordnung (Section 1 of the German Operating Costs Ordinance): "Operating costs are the costs incurred by the owner or the holder of the heritable building right as a result of the intended use of the building, the outbuildings, facilities, installations and the land on an ongoing basis."

§ 2 Betriebskostenverordnung (Section 2 of the German Operating Costs Ordinance) lists the general types of operating costs. This list, however, is not conclusive. The levy of "other operating costs" can be agreed in the lease.

If you get into a sudden payment default, please talk to your property manager immediately. We will find a solution together.

The tenant can terminate a residential tenancy up to the 3rd working day of a month as of the end of the month after next, i.e. giving three months' notice, unless provided for/agreed otherwise in the lease. The notice must have been received explicitly by the 3rd working day of a month; with Saturday counting as a working day in this respect. If the expiry of the notice period falls on a Sunday or holiday, the following working day counts as effective date. Stating reasons for the termination is not obligatory, yet it might be helpful to the landlord. The notice has to be given in writing and signed. It is advisable to send it by registered letter/return receipt. If the lease was concluded jointly by more than one person, notice must be given jointly and the termination is valid for every one of these persons.

In case of a so-called "reasonable cause", e. g. breach of contract, you may terminate your tenancy exceptionally without prior notice. This might be the case e. g. if the rented apartment is fully or partially not made available to the tenant in time or is withdrawn from the tenant. The landlord may terminate the lease without prior notice if the tenant has been in arrears with the rental payments for two consecutive dates. This exceptional termination without notice must be in writing stating the "reasonable cause". If the reason for the termination is due to breach of contract by one of the parties, a warning is usually necessary prior to termination.

Evading the three-month notice period is only possible by mutual consent. Please contact your landlord in this matter.

The rent deposit settlement is usually carried out by the landlord in timely manner after the termination of the lease when the apartment has been handed over in flawless condition. If the apartment exhibits defects when handed over, the rent deposit settlement might take up to six months. Please note, however, that the deposit might be retained temporarily in order to secure potential subsequent payments related to operating cost account settlement.