We appraise your property

We appraise your property in line with the market, market it and support you through the entire selling or purchasing process.

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We sell for you

We broker your property to solvent buyers in a highly professional manner, swiftly and in line with the market, making reliability our top priority. To this end, we have been cooperating closely with versed notaries and our proficient experts on the spot for years. You can rely on our expertise in marketing your real estate, whether private or institutional.

Service you can trust

Survey free of charge

We survey your property free of charge and estimate the attainable purchase price professionally.

Determining a sales strategy

Together with you, we will determine a sales strategy for your property.

Preparation of exposé

We prepare a professional exposé of the property you would like to sell.

Medial presentation

We present your property via selected media, such as websites, newspapers, real estate platforms etc.

Approaching prospective buyers

We approach potential buyers stored in our extensive customer database directly.

Negotiation and information

We support you in negotiations and conclusion of contracts, and keep you informed on our activities on a regular basis.

Consulting of buyers

We offer consulting for prospective buyers on all questions concerning the property and for buyers on financing the purchase price.

Supervision of property viewings

We accompany potential buyers on their viewing visit of the property.

We buy

Would you like to sell real estate? We buy properties at fair market prices and conduct our business with utmost reliability and the benefits from over 25 years of experience.

We broker/sell to you

Whether you wish to build up assets, invest capital or own a home - you will certainly benefit from the purchase of one of our properties. High yields, rental incomes and increases in value make real estate the ideal investment for your future. We offer apartments and houses of stable value at selected locations - for you to feel comfortable. Real estate offers attractive earnings opportunities and a good retirement provision. Investment in real estate remains a key component for old-age financial security, the compensation of the decreasing purchasing power of your money and the generation of high yields for maximising your wealth.