Social commitment

What is close to our hearts

Social responsibility is very dear to us; hence we take it on with passion in both financial and ideational ways. This is why we would like to introduce some of the projects we have been supporting in recent years. One of our top priorities is community spirit, not only in the job. Laub gets involved by donating for people in difficult circumstances, especially children in need, but also for sports. Here you will find some examples of social projects that are close to our hearts.

Talentierte junge Menschen unterstützen, damit sie den Kopf frei haben für ihr Studium.

– Mit diesem Gedanken unterstützt LAUB DIE IMMOBILIENGRUPPE die Spitzenkräfte von morgen.

Zusammen mit dem Bund und der TU Chemnitz fördern wir begabte und leistungsstarke Studierende durch das Deutschlandstipendium.

Wir setzen uns gemeinsam dafür ein, dass talentierte Studierende ihr Potenzial ausschöpfen. Damit investieren wir in die Zukunft Deutschlands. 

Es werden Studierende mit außergewöhnlichen und überdurchschnittlichen Leistungen gesponsert, welche ebenso den gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungsprozess vorantreiben.

Für die Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten ist die Unterstützung nicht nur eine finanzielle Entlastung; sie ist Anerkennung ihrer Leistungen sowie auch Anreiz, sich sozial zu engagieren und mit innovativen Ideen den wirtschaftlichen und technologischen Wandel in Deutschland voranzutreiben.

Auch wir möchten mit unserem Beitrag zum Deutschlandstipendium unserer gesellschaftlichen Verantwortung Nachdruck verleihen.

Wir fördern ganz im Speziellen einen Studierenden an der TU Chemnitz im Bereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften/BWL. Nach Bekanntgabe der Auserwählten Studierenden, welche ein Deutschlandstipendium erhalten werden, freuen wir uns, Ihnen die Geschichte unserer Stipendiatin oder unseres Stipendiaten vorstellen zu können.

Wir sind überzeugt davon, dass die Unterstützung von talentierten jungen Menschen zu den lohnenswerten und nachhaltigen Investitionen zählt.

Laub Real Estate Group is committed to Opens external link in new windowLions Club Chemnitz Cosmopolitan, which is strongly involved socially and especially locally. Part of the Club's work is to organise various fundraising events. One of them was the Lions Cosmo Ski Cup 2017 in the ski resort of Oberwiesenthal, the proceeds of which are used to support several educational projects in the Chemnitz area to strengthen young people's links to their region.

Initiates file downloadPDF of the 7th Lions Cosmo Ski Cup

Being sports enthusiasts, we have also been supporting Opens external link in new windowChemnitz Marathon GmbH with regular donations for years. The international Chemnitz Marathon offers numerous challenging disciplines for every age group and fitness level, at the same time being a fundraising event the proceeds of which go to charitable projects.

Our managing director Malte Laub has had a passion for horses from an early age, so it comes as no surprise that we like engaging ourselves in national and international equestrian sports.  

For 20 years, the Laub Group has been sponsoring the riding club Opens external link in new windowSt. Georg“ Burgstädt e.V., which supports and promotes various equestrian sport events as well as young talents. Furthermore, we are a partner of the Opens external link in new windowGrand Prix of Saxony (Großer Preis von Sachsen), organized by C³ Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren GmbH and a permanent fixture in the calendar of many an equestrian sports fan since 2013. We support this top-class international horse show in the Chemnitz convention centre with our sponsoring. In recent years, several jumping competitions with high requirements were held there with Laub Real Estate Group being the main sponsor.  The annual Chemnitz Night of the Horses (Chemnitzer Pferdenacht) is the festive highlight of this three-day event, providing magnificent horse entertainment. By their sponsorship, Laub Real Estate Group got the chance to contribute to making an exciting yet atmospheric evening full of equestrian culture happen. The best pony riders competed in a pony jumping knockout tournament sponsored by Laub Real Estate Group, where in direct duels the winner fought his way to the final and, eventually, to victory.  

We are strong advocates of Opens external link in new windowTierparkfreunde Chemnitz e.V., an association to support and sustain the Chemnitz Zoo with three main objectives:

  1. Tierparkfreunde wants to make the zoo more attractive to visitors in order to generate more revenue for its preservation.
  2. The zoo as well as the association are committed to numerous wildlife conservation programmes and thus help endangered species.
  3. They actively promote species-appropriate keeping of animals and make sure that the living conditions of the animals in the zoo are constantly improved.

Their commitment inspires us and is in line with our interests. This is why we are glad to support this association. 

Initiates file downloadSponsorship certificate

For decades, we have been benefactors with Opens external link in new windowChildFund Deutschland e.V., standing by the side of children in need. Through our donations, we provide them with the essentials for living, i.e. food, clothing, and education, but first and foremost: the prospect for a better future. 

We are big fans of Opens external link in new windowtellerlein deck dich e.V., an association helping needy children in Saxony to break the vicious circle of poverty. The concept is that celebrities such as football player Sepp Meyer and politician Kurt Biedenkopf paint plates which are then auctioned off, the proceeds going to the children. Being regular bidders, we do not only put food on the plates of those in need, but also have lots of fun doing so.